Festival Al Este

Identity System 2016



Agency: Infinito Consultores
Fotografía: Blend - Luna Sibadon


Infinito worked once again on the campaign for the Mid-Central European Film Festival "Al Este de Lima". Also playing in France and Argentina under the name "A L'Est du Nouveau” and “Al Este del Plata”.

The central focus of the festival are the concepts of fusion, influence and reflection, but most importantly the encounter and merge between the European and Latin-American culture.

To express this encounter, we used photographic projections overlapping different faces to achieve a powerful visual effect, which is also slightly uneasy for the eye but ultimately expresses the mixture of cultures and ideals.

The result is a series of suggestive and intriguing images with a sober yet elegant aesthetic. The use of a black and white color palette gives us a hint of Europe's independant cinematography, characterised by its transgressive nature.