Agency: IS Creative Studio
Art Direction: Richars Meza
Design: Alexa Tang, Louis Meeus

This project was developed during my time at IS Creative Studio.

What if a font could travel? What if a font could be adapted to a culture?
We imagine that Helvetica left his native Switzerland to undertake its first trip to Latin America coming to Peru, there toured small towns and big cities visited their markets, streets and fell in love with the popular graphic culture, and finally decided to stay in Lima.

HelveChicha is an interpretation of popular graphic lettering made by hundreds of artists from all over Peru and South America. An art that challenges a difficult time where large format printers and vinyl adhesives are gradually eliminating the beautiful art of handmade signs and removing the graphic identity of the streets and markets.

We want to honor the art of sign painters with this typeface, created on the basis of one of the most recognized and beloved typeface, Helvetica.

HelveChicha Bold, an OpenType font for Mac & PC will be available online very soon.

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