This project was developed when I was working at IS Creative Studio.
LAD is an organization created with the aim of promoting Latin American Design worldwide highlighting the social potential of design using lectures, workshops, exhibitions and complementary activities.

The design of the poster and the branding of the LAD Festival is inspired on the international ISO A series paper standard known by all graphic designers. It represents the different countries, different cultures, connections between them and also gives the feeling of a geometric map.

The concept comes from the Spanish word “recurseo” perhaps the most similar word in English is resourcefulness, unlike wealthy countries in Europe or North America, Latin American people are described as being distinguished by their ability to optimise, drawing creative opportunity from an absence of wealth. This manifests itself through the perforated, multipurpose panels of the poster which doubles up as programme, guide and flyer, the consistency of the identity but its significant impact, and the methods of production.

Multicolour is key in Latin America identity, from the textiles and woven fabric from the Andes to the colorful and geometric shapes largely used in the Andean Community to the tropical identity of the rainforest tribes and cumbia and chicha posters. Neon colors are used widely allover latin america, especially in Perú, where this first edition of the festival took place. All the banners and signage of the festival are made by the same artist which works with music bands of Cumbia and chichi. They are made the traditional way combining silkscreen and hand painted fabric with neon colors.

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Latin American Design Festival 2015



Agency: IS Creative Studio
Art Direction: Richars Meza

Alessandra Casanova
Rommina Dolorier
Vanessa Espinosa
Alexa Tang
Laura Durana
Louis Meeus.